24 Month Guarantee on Brand New Range Rover Turbos

Chertsey Services provide expert vehicle services for any vehicle. We appreciate how important is to ensure your car run smoothly and doesn’t let you down. One common Range Rover fault we handle on a regular basis is turbo repair or turbo replacement. Although Range Rovers are reliable cars and ideal for families or business executives, it’s always important to deal with your Range Rover turbo repair at the earliest opportunity, to ensure your car doesn’t let you down.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, but would say that lots of garages may state they can repair turbos but in all honesty Range Rover turbo repairs jobs should be left to the experts, as they can be a complex task.

Symptoms of Range Rover turbo failure

Your Range Rover turbos could be failing if you experience the following problems:

• Loss of engine power and no boost, causing overall poor performance
• Warning of Engine System Fault
• Lots of black or grey smoke from your exhaust
• Turbo oil leaks
• Noisy turbos emit high pitched squealing sound or whistling, grinding sounds

Call us for Free Turbo Advice

If you have any questions about turbos, call us on 01932 562800 so that we can answer all of your turbo related queries.

Range Rover turbo replacement cost repairs from Chertsey Services

We’re proud to offer a free collection and delivery service to all our London-based customers. This can make it really easy to arrange a turbo repair or a replacement if you need it at the earliest opportunity.

Our expert and qualified mechanics have all the essential and specialist Range Rover knowledge required, so can give you an accurate idea of the Range Rover turbo costs you’ll face. We won’t carry out your job until we’ve given you details of the affordable price you will pay for repairs or a genuine quote for your turbo replacement cost. Because we understand it’s important to keep all our customers advised of likely Range Rover repair costs, so they don’t get a nasty surprise!

Turbo replacement for Range Rover 3.6 TDV8

All TDV8 models feature two turbos and both will need replacing at some time. As already noted, replacing Range Rover turbos is a specialist job, as it is very labour intensive. When you shop around for the best turbo replacement cost to meet your needs, you should always ensure your mechanic has the expertise to carry out the job properly.

The experts at Chertsey Services will need to remove the body of your Range Rover entirely from the chassis in order to access the failed turbo. Most local garages will have a problem with a job of this nature, but the mechanics at Chertsey Service have all essential experience to carry out the job correctly.

You can rely on us to conduct the effective Range Rover turbo repairs or replacements that ensure your car is back on the road at the earliest opportunity. What’s more, we can collect your Range Rover from any London address and deliver it back just as soon as the work is complete.

If you need Range Rover turbo repairs or replacements in a hurry and you’re based in the London area, get in touch with Chertsey Services today. We also provide vehicle recovery services and interest-free finance options. If you decide that you would like us to carry out the work after the vehicle recovery, then the cost of the recovery will be free of charge.

So, if you need to spread the cost of your Range Rover turbo replacement over several months, our low cost and affordable finance could be the solution you need. Not only will you save a lot of your hard earned cash using Chertsey Services, we also offer all customers 24 months warranty on these turbos.

Land Rover Turbo Reconditioning

Land Rover turbo repair or reconditioning can be the most affordable solution for many customers and you can rely on our turbo recon experts to get your vehicle back to working at peak efficiencies.

Once we’ve taken your turbo unit out of your vehicle, we’ll give it a thorough inspection and get back to you with a fixed price for our repair or Land Rover turbo reconditioning work. We always carry a variety of reconditioned Land Rover turbochargers, so you can rest assured that we will be able to source the right turbo for your vehicle.

You can rely on us to give you a Land Rover turbo repair or reconditioning that will stand the test of time, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

Get in touch today for a free appraisal. It doesn’t cost you a penny and we can let you know just what the problem is with your Range Rover and whether it will be possible to repair the turbos or better to carry out a comprehensive turbo replacement.